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Bosch HSS-Co ProBox 19-Piece Metal Drill Bit Set DIN 338 Cobalt Alloy.

Bosch HSS-Co Twist drill bit set is a 19-piece set with bit sizes from 1 to 10 mm and all DIN 338. The drill bits are made from a cobalt alloy 5%, fully ground HSS so they are heat protected and have a high resistance to wear. Excellent for drilling through stainless steel the drill bits have 2 cutters and flutes removing chips which ensures a longer life of the bits plus they have cylindrical shanks enabling use in drill drivers and stands. With a 135 degree tip, h8 diameter tolerance and drill bit type N you will achieve perfect centring and precise cutting with no wondering due to a split point tip.

Features and Benefits.

- HSS-Co ProBox 19-piece drill bit set.
- Bit sizes 1 to 10 mm (0.5 mm increments).
- Twist drills.
- Fully ground HSS.
- Cylindrical shanks (equal to the bit diameter).
- Compatible with drill drivers and stands.
- DIN 338.
- Made from 5% Cobalt Alloy.
- Fully ground.
- Heat protection.
- Wear resistant.
- 2 Cutters.
- 2 Flutes.
- Cylindrical shanks (equal to drill bit diameter).
- 135 degree Tip.
- H8 Diameter tolerance.
- Type N.
- Working length 87 mm.
- Diameter 10 mm.
- Long life cycle and performance.
- Excellent for use in drilling stainless steel.
- Split point tip.
- Perfect centring. Precise cutting.
- No wondering.
Bosch 19-piece Probox Metal Drill Bit Set Hss-co, 1-10mm (2 608 587 014)
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