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The SDS plus-7X Drill Bit provides an outstanding lifetime when drilling in reinforced concrete. Its full-carbide 4-cutter head is composed of the highest-quality carbide, which fortifies the head and provides exceptional impact resistance. Its consistent distribution of drilling power guarantees there is no power loss, which increases the overall lifetime. Boschs unique diffusion welding technology (IDS) provides a strong bond between head and flute. Moreover, the 4-flute design with wide channels reduces wear on the bit by allowing for effective dust removal. This bit is intended for hammer drilling in masonry, concrete and reinforced concrete. It is compatible with rotary hammers with SDS plus holders.

To achieve accurate results, the visibility of the wear mark indicates if the diameter of the hole is still in tolerance for metal anchor setting. As proof of quality, the drill bit bears the test mark of the PGM Masonry Drill Bit Association Board, guaranteeing compliance with tight tolerances, exact drilling and the firm hold of fixings. It is made in Germany.

Diameter (D) mm 5.00
Working length (L1) mm 150
Total length (L2) mm 215
Bosch Hammer drill bit SDS plus-7X (5.00 x 150 x 215mm) 2 608 576 106
Nett weight1.000kg
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Price (Each)£11.16
Bosch Hammer Drill Bit Sds Plus-5x (16.00 X 400 X 460m) 2 608 833 829
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Bosch Hammer Drill Bit Sds Plus-5x (16.00 X 400 X 460m) 2 608 833 829
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