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The SDS plus-5X Drill Bit offers highly efficient drilling in reinforced concrete. The geometrical form of the 4-cutter head prevents jamming and breakage for optimal results. The turn-angle head and the large and short dust removal channels within the 4-flute design provide fast dust removal so the bit can slice through concrete and rebar quickly with reduced wear. For efficient work and exact hole diameters, the centring tip guides drilling from the start, to prevent wandering, which can falsify the hole diameter. The bit is intended for use on masonry, concrete and reinforced concrete. It is compatible with rotary hammers with SDS plus holders.

As proof of quality, the drill bit bears the test mark of the PGM Masonry Drill Bit Association Board, guaranteeing compliance with tight tolerances, exact drilling and the firm hold of fixings.

Diameter (D) mm 26.00
Working length (L1) mm 200
Total length (L2) mm 250
Bosch Hammer drill bit SDS plus-5X (26.00 x 200 x 250mm) 2 608 836 651
Price (Each)£29.95 Save 47%
Bosch Hammer Drill Bit Sds Plus-7x (7.00 X 100 X 165mm) 2 608 576 128
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Bosch Hammer Drill Bit Sds Plus-7x (7.00 X 100 X 165mm) 2 608 576 128
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