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An extensive selection to meet your Decorating and Building Requirements. This includes Air Vents, Cleansers & Thinners, Flashbands, Dust Guards & Sheets, Oil Pads & Filler, Paint, Polishes, Spirits, Ring Remover, Sand, Cement, Rock Salt, Sandbags, Sanding Sealer, Sealants, Stencils, Tack Cloths, Varnishes, Waxs and Tiling Tools. Our woodcare section includes Bleach, Dye, Filler, Oil, Stains, Stripper, Treatments, Preservers. We also have a range of Decorating Tools such as Paint Brushes, Sanding Blocks, Paint Stamps, Stripping Pad, Hawks, Stripping Tools and Knifes, Roller Kits, Kettles, Wallpaper Kits, Scissors and Trimmers.