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With more than 350 pages of instruction, games, diagrams, and strategy, this is the biggest and best book about dominoes ever! It will open up a whole world of entertainment, starting with the most basic skills and principles and ending with ideas for tournament play. So get out your tiles and begin learning what makes up a suit, how to score, and how to add your domino to the developing structure. Analyse entire games, all laid out for you to see easily. Have fun trying the incredible range of variations: blocking games like Latin American Match; scoring ones, such as Merry-Go-Round and Sniff; Trumps and Tricks, including Nel-O and Plunge; and several solitaire versions. Or use special sets that have a different number and style of dominoes. There's so much fun packed in this tiny volume that you'll want to take it - and your dominoes - with you everywhere.
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