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A silicone rubber sealant ideal for sealing leaking windscreens and making replacement instant gaskets.
It forms a tough, flexible, water resistant rubber seal which will not shrink, crack or discolour and will withstand temperature extremes from 55 degrees celcius to +150 degrees celcius.

Suggested Uses
Ideal for sealing lamps, leaking water hoses, windscreens and windows, water-proofing joints and electrical junctions and curing vibration and noise problems.

Instructions For Use
When using as an instant gasket, ensure all surfaces are clean. To enable components to be dismantled easily at a later date, apply a light coating of oil to both surfaces. Remove nozzle and cut tip to required width of gasket. Apply Auto Sealant to one surface only. Brad should be 1.5mm-3mm thick. Ensure that the bead is spread evenly, conforming to to surface shape. Torque down immediately. When Auto Sealant has cured (12 hours) excess may be trimmed away with a sharp blade. The engine may be run as soon as the job has been completed- before sealant is fully cured.
When using Dow Corning as a sealant , ensure surfaces are clean, dry and free from grease.Tooling should be carried out within 5 minutes before skin forms.

Dow Corning Auto is not recommended for use on cylinder heads, carbuettors or for continous immersion in petrol.
Dow Corning 2939177 Silicon Auto Sealant 310ml Black
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Upol Upogfm Fastglas Matting 0.55m2
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Upol Upogfm Fastglas Matting 0.55m2
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