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Professors, students, and anyone who loves to read will want this fascinating and attractive volume. Beginning with great works from Antiquity to the Middle Ages, this literary timeline gallops from Mesopotamian pictograms and Julius Caesars Commentaries on the Gallic to Renaissance and Baroque masterworks by Machiavelli and Molire, and on to modernism. Along the way, it presents the birth of the novel, Gothic chills, Thomas Paines rabble-rousing, as well as landmark French and Russian authors, Emersons essays, and the first detective story by Poe. Victoriana, the Aesthetic Movement, Utopian Literature, and Naturalism make their appearance, all the way up to todays Tom Stoppard and Tony Kushner. Theres a detailed introduction, plus colour-coding to show whether a work is poetry, fiction, non-fiction, or drama.
Illustrated Timeline of Western Literature, The - A Crash Course In Words & Pictures
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