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The Blue Groove Power is the world's first wood drill flat bit to use IRWIN's pioneering bi-metal technology, creating a drill bit with unrivalled speed and durability even in nail-embedded wood.

Designed for high-speed precision drilling, it marks an end to the frustration that tradesmen experience when their drill bits strike a nail, frequently causing standard flat bits to become locked or break.

The secret behind Blue Groove Power's extraordinary strength is IRWIN's bi-metal technology, a composition of two high performance components, high speed steel and carbon steel, which both have their own attributes and benefits. The high-speed steel edge provides durability and allows nail cutting, while the carbon steel body gives the bit flexibility.

Each bit in the Blue Groove Power range has a self-feeding tip which helps to pull it through materials, as well as three cutting edges which enhance chip removal for a fast, clean hole.

Sizes : 20, 22 and 25 mm.
Irwin 10507764 Blue Groove Power Bit Set (20, 22, 25mm)
Nett weight0.370kg
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Irwin 10507719 Blue Groove Power Bit 32mm 10507719
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Irwin 10507719 Blue Groove Power Bit 32mm 10507719
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