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JSP Vented Industrial Safety Helmet Red

This helmet is made to absorb the energy of an impact by partial detruction or damage to the shell or harness and even though such damage may not be readily apparent any helmet subjected to severe impact should be replaced. Helmets should not be adapted in any way not recommended. Accessories and/or replacement harnesses, chin straps, ear defenders, visors and helmet mounted lamps are available with fitting instructions from JSP.

The helmet is a complete system consisting of shell and harness. The helmet's useful life is affected by many factors including the cold, heat, chemicals, sunlight and misuse. Helmets should be examined daily for obvious signs of cracking, brittleness or damage either to the JSP Evo vented helmet or harness.

The date of manufacture is moulded into the peak of the helmet.

The JSP Vented Industrial Safety Helmet Red has a normal maximum lifespan of 5 years from the date of manufacture.

Suitable to fit a head of circumference 53 to 61 cm and may be used in temperatures down to -20 degrees Centigrade.

Helmet can be cleaned with soap and water and dried with a soft cloth. Helment should not be cleaned with abrasive substances or solvents and must not be stored in direct sunlight or in contact with any solvents.

JSP Vented Industrial Safety Helmet Red is manufactured to EN397:2012, the European Standard Number for Industrial Safety helmets and its year of publication.

EN50365:2002 is the European Standard Number for Electrically insulating helments for use on low-voltage installations. This helment will provide some protection against short-term accidental contact with live electrical conductors upto 440VAC.

Helmet will provide some protection from lateral compressive loads.

Certified to BSI NB0086 and carries CE markings.
Jsp Vented Industrial Safety Helmet Red Asf030-000-600
Nett weight0.390kg
Price (Each)£5.50