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Pipe Sizing
All sizes are imperial nominal bore (internal) measurements available in upto 6.4 metre lengths.
(Lengths over 2.5 metres can not be ordered online, please phone 01223 727 254)

Pipe is usually measured by the NOMINAL PIPE SIZE (NPS), the hole on the inside.
Although it is related to the outside diameter, it is significantly different
Please use this table below to choose the correct size.
We have five different sizes of pipe available, hence a suitable size pipe can be selected for any particular application.

SizeNominal BoreOutsize Diameter
31 & 1/4"42.4mm
41 & 1/2"48.3mm

You are able to order full lengths, and also lengths cut to size. For information on products and prices, please contact us, Freephone 01223 727 254 orE-mail

* Free delivery applies to all orders where the value is greater than £75.00,please visit here for further details