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The pump is suitable only for pumping non-potable water, e.g. for pumping out rainwater barrels, garden ponds or hot tubs.

The pump is not suitable for pumping poisonous, caustic and/or flammable substances. The pump is also not suitable for pumping potable water or water for aquariums. It is not permitted to use the pump for foodstuffs or hot liquids above 40C.

Technical data
Flow rate, max.: 3,000 litre per hour
Hose connection: 1/2? (13 mm) / 3/4? (19 mm)
Threaded connector: 3/4" (19 mm)
Delivery height 1: hose diameter 1/2? (13 mm) = pump lift 24 m
Delivery height 2: hose diameter 3/4? (19 mm) = pump lift 18 m
Suction height: 3 m
Dry run, max.: 30 s
Machine output, min.: 600 watt
Speed of rotation, max.: 2,800 RPM
Shaft diameter: 8 mm
Additional product specification plastic casing

Wolfcraft Pump with plastic casing (3000l/h) 2207
Nett weight0.271kg
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