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All Loyal Towers are BSI Kitemarked quality that you can rely on for safety and performance. They are manufactured in full conformity with BS EN1004 Class 3 and BS 1139 Part 3 Standards. The range is extensive, quality is unsurpassed and prices are as keen as you will find anywhere for comparable first class products. There is a tower in this range for almost every job. We offer single (850 mm) or double (1450 mm) width, 1.8m or 2.5m lengths and 23 different working heights ranging from 3.2m(10'6") to 14.2m(46'7"). That’s 92 different towers – one to suit whatever you are looking for. Like the Boss Scaffold Tower range all Loyal towers are BSI Kitemarked quality and Certified to BS EN1004 Class 3. The rung frames and braces of the Loyal Towers are compatible with Boss Towers. These are heavy duty scaffold towers with strong, powerful 51mm diameter vertical and horizontal welded frames, with an easy grip and safe"ribbed" profile. They are in compliance with the 3T method (Through The Trapdoor), incorporating Quick Locking Braces holding the frames in place. No tools are needed for assembling or dismantling.