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Optimaxx Performance Woodscrews

Introducing the Optimaxx range of premium wood screws. Optimaxx is a top qualityhigh performance wood screwthat incorporates a number of unique features.

A specifically positioned long thin groove dramatically reduces the pressure build up on insertion by dispensing wood fibres, preventing splitting when screwing close to the edge.

Finally a sharp saw-tooth formation cut out of the bottom threads bite into the timber reducing torque and resistance, enabling fast penetration without a pilot hole.

TheseQuality Woodscrewsare available instore and online from Mackays of Cambridge.

Monday 8th February 2016

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The Sealey Tool Van

Sealey Tools are proud to present their brand new, fully kitted outSealey Tool Van.

This promotional vehicle will be available to feature at many Sealey stockist events around the UK and will be manned by a Sealey representative to highlight many products and features of the Sealey range to customers who attend and want to find out more.

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Phoenix Milton

Phoenix Miltonis a social enterprise and charity based in Milton near Cambridge. It offers supported work experience and employability qualifications to young people and adults with a range of learning difficulties.

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