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Traditional Coal or Smokeless Fuel?

The first Clean Air Act was introduced in response to one of the worst environmental disasters in the UK. London recorded over 4000 deaths in a short period due to a smog created mainly by coal burning.

TheClean Air Act 1993allows councils to establish smoke controlled areas to improve air quality.
For more information onsmoke controlled areasin Cambridge, please visit theCambridge City Council website.

Do you live in a smoke controlled area?

Smokeless fuel is the latest and greatest modern evolution in the solid fuel industry. Throughout the manufacturing process solid fuels are carefully tweaked and tested to lower their smoke levels, making them significantly better for the environment.

CPL smokeless fuelshave passed rigorous tests to ensure that they are capable of burning without producing excess smoke and can therefore be used in any Smoke Control Area.

Smokeless Fuel

Only available in-store, please call 01223 517000 for more details

Do you live outside of a smoke controlled area?

Traditional House Coal is a popular coal for use on open fires, and some coal burning appliances. It's easy to light, burns with a long and strong flame, and has a low ash content, making it relatively easy to clean up after. This coal burns with a long and natural flame.

Traditional House Coal is not suitable for burning in smoke control areas.

Traditional Coal

Only available in-store, please call 01223 517000 for more details

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Monday 1st September 2014

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